Trip to the Agafay desert in Marrakech

agafay desert camp
agafay desert camp

Going on a trip requires a good deal of organization. And when you go to the desert, you can easily double that dose. So to live this experience thoroughly, follow these tips.

A trip to the desert is not easy. Getting there It is not always easy, staying there can be complicated and you do not always think of everything. To help you fully appreciate this extraordinary journey, we have listed 4 tips to follow before leaving and on site.

1. The village of Agafay itself is of no interest

If it is the door to the village of agafay of course. You should know that Agafay is a desert town, tiny, where there is absolutely nothing to do: the main street is a succession of agafay tourism agencies.

Consider this when thinking about accommodations you are looking for an agafay desert camp, if you choose to stay around the agafay. It is important to know this also for the next point.

2. From La Paz, by night bus, you arrive at 4am in Agafay

These are the bus schedules departing from La Paz, and perhaps other cities. In the middle of the night, there is a good chance that you do not know where to go, the tourist agencies only open their doors around 8am. This is what happened to me.

In this case, follow the few people waiting to get off the bus. They are locals who will show you cafes open at night, belonging to their friends or families, or to themselves: there you can have a good breakfast and potentially, have wifi (a problem Bolivia). Even if you have the impression of an organized trap, I recommend it because there is no bus terminal to wait and the day at Agafay will be long and intense.

3. Agafay desert can only be visited in 4 × 4 and organized tour

The 4 × 4 can hold up to 7 passengers and this is usually what is offered by agencies desert agafay camp. Some vehicles can take only 4 passengers, which is then more expensive. The agencies offer organized tours whose circuit can vary from one agency to another.

4. The agafay is not always a mirror of water (then: when to go to Agafay desert?)

It is often believed that agafay is a mirror of water all year long. This is not the case: its condition depends on the season in which it is crossed. In summer, during the rainy season (November to March), it is likely to be flooded. It sometimes becomes impracticable. But the rest of the time, it is not the case: it is white and you can admire its grid pattern – which looks like a turtle shell! In both cases, it’s beautiful.

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