Visit the Agafay Desert in Morocco

Stretching over 1000 km of the southern coast of Marrakech, from the north of the Atlas Mountains to the border with the Ouarzazate region, agafay desert camp is the driest desert in the world, always attracting more adventurers every year. Why ? Because the region offers a natural setting teeming with life that emerges in the immensity, between valleys, volcanoes, sumptuous oases, lagoons and peaks of the great mountain range on the horizon …

Delight of the eyes, unpublished meetings, journey through time and unlikely discoveries, the desert of agafay promises an experience without equal. It is impossible to come back unchanged from this territory of the end of the world, where each stage is an opportunity to rave about the grandeur of nature, its curiosities and its contrasts …

What to do in the Agafay desert? How to get there ? What budget do you anticipate? Follow this guide to succeed.

1. Attention to the altitude

As Agafay is a desert, travelers often forget that it is at altitude and it is important to take it into consideration.

The village of agafay is 2408 m so it should not really be a problem, but some places to see in desert Agafay camp are beyond 3500 m and even 4000m

It is therefore very important to be well hydrated, keep a quiet walking pace and avoid physical effort to allow the body time to adapt.

2. Bring cash

It’s very important to know about your trip to Agafay!

I highly recommend bringing cash in Chilean pesos as it is not possible to pay with cards or withdraw in rural areas.

Indeed there is not (or very few) ATMs! There are some in the village of Agafay, but since they are in high demand, they are sometimes empty.

The Agafay desert is an exceptional place: the hostile weather conditions do not succeed in removing its rights to nature. On the contrary, we find here an exceptional biodiversity that has adapted to heat, cold and drought.

In addition to cacti and ferns, tufts of grasses, grasses and alfalfa sometimes cover the desert after a downpour – which occurs best every two years, and more generally every ten years! The fauna, mainly composed of birds.

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