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How to Plan a Desert Trip in Morocco

Picture yourself hundreds of feet high in the sand, atop a camel, surrounded by orange-red sand, while you watch the sun dip under a blue horizon. It is so quiet you can hear only the thoughts bubble up in your head. At night, a sprinkling of stars illuminate the night sky so vibrantly, you don’t need a flashlight to see. …

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Visit the Agafay Desert in Morocco

Stretching over 1000 km of the southern coast of Marrakech, from the north of the Atlas Mountains to the border with the Ouarzazate region, agafay desert camp is the driest desert in the world, always attracting more adventurers every year. Why ? Because the region offers a natural setting teeming with life that emerges in the immensity, between valleys, volcanoes, …

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Trip to the Agafay desert in Marrakech

agafay desert camp

Going on a trip requires a good deal of organization. And when you go to the desert, you can easily double that dose. So to live this experience thoroughly, follow these tips. A trip to the desert is not easy. Getting there It is not always easy, staying there can be complicated and you do not always think of everything. To …

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